POV I'm Your Vampire Dad

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Danny Gonzalez

9 månader sedan

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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on SEpost, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

Danny Gonzalez
Danny Gonzalez 9 månader sedan
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XxvannyxX XxrobloxxX
XxvannyxX XxrobloxxX 9 dagar sedan
Kraken Squid
Kraken Squid 10 dagar sedan
Nobody: Literally no one: Dannys background: GEG
dying squirrel
dying squirrel Månad sedan
Epic 😨👍
Golden Toaster
Golden Toaster Månad sedan
Bangy Månad sedan
While watching this my iPad fell... guess it doesn’t like these videos either
Paper 4 timmar sedan
¿Faye & Jean?
¿Faye & Jean? 6 timmar sedan
3:15 lit dude, why does that remind me of a gacha video that has a really sad and painfully made plot for a Romance
Anaiah May
Anaiah May 13 timmar sedan
Lmao this man is the wattpad persona
ᴅᴀʀʟɪɴ 17 timmar sedan
basically the whole twilight movie is just in this video
ItsSnowflake 17 timmar sedan
13:29 When duetted you’re the one one the side
Gween Queen
Gween Queen 19 timmar sedan
Nobody: Danny’s wall in the back: G E G
Luna Blackwood
Luna Blackwood Dag sedan
tf is on danny's neck
Snickerdoodles Dag sedan
POV: You meet this guy, and learn he is actually a gacha heat- person- thing.
Cloudiie Dag sedan
Corah The Skeleton
Corah The Skeleton Dag sedan
4:35 "You're serial killer boyfriend" -_-
bro you just posted cringe
bro you just posted cringe Dag sedan
*oOOOO im a VamPire*
Martijn Breed
Martijn Breed Dag sedan
PICK UP THE PHONE BABY I imagine someone tell a newborn baby to pick up the phone
ii da
ii da Dag sedan
he looks like kurtis lol
Messi Lingard
Messi Lingard Dag sedan
Cringe overlord
Caddie Merchandise
Caddie Merchandise 2 dagar sedan
Nikita Tiwari
Nikita Tiwari 2 dagar sedan
Serial killer babe😂😂😂👏👏👏
FCdragon 2 dagar sedan
I really like the *geg* on the wall.
Ms. Orange
Ms. Orange 2 dagar sedan
Nijel Dunk
Nijel Dunk 2 dagar sedan
Holy crap this makes me want to die. He is literally the cringiest man alive and it hurts my soul. Somebody shoot me
Emily Dorny
Emily Dorny 2 dagar sedan
GEG heheh.
Banana Manchester
Banana Manchester 2 dagar sedan
This dude is so unsettling. His hair looks like a wig and his lips always look moist??? Yuck
Lena Ewert
Lena Ewert 2 dagar sedan
sounds like killing stalking for me ngl
Fuzzy Vlogs
Fuzzy Vlogs 2 dagar sedan
it says geg behind him
DIO Brando!!!!!
DIO Brando!!!!! 2 dagar sedan
At least he knocks before entering professionals have standards
JQKER 9 2 dagar sedan
White face vampire is life
Cupcake Without The Icing
Cupcake Without The Icing 2 dagar sedan
This is one of Danny's best videos
Mallory Connors
Mallory Connors 2 dagar sedan
These tiktok povs are so weird it’s like the creators didn’t know well enough to not share the weird little plays and scenarios they make up and play out in the mirror. Like yooo you used to be shamed for this weird shit now they’re being followed and praised for their sick twisted fantasies. Just act it out in your room and keep it to yourself buddy
Loathesome Sinner
Loathesome Sinner 3 dagar sedan
There are only 3 types of boyfriends: indoor boyfriends, indoor boyfriends, and serial killer boyfriends.
hornet is void
hornet is void 2 dagar sedan
Reposted comment
some shady dudette
some shady dudette 3 dagar sedan
must have been pretty unconfutable for Danny to edit him kissing himself unless someone else edited it I guess but no I think it will still be unconfutable
Mackenzie K
Mackenzie K 3 dagar sedan
I love how people think even little girls like this I’m 13 and when videos like this show up on my fyp I block whoever made it like I don’t know who’s watching it but ngl it kinda scares me
Squishy Creations
Squishy Creations 3 dagar sedan
it’s literally SOOOOOOO funny that he uses the EXACT SAME song... for almost every tik tok... *i hate my life*
hornet is void
hornet is void 2 dagar sedan
Lily Medeiros
Lily Medeiros 3 dagar sedan
Wendigo 3 dagar sedan
Jae 3 dagar sedan
yes danny slayy with that commentary, slayy 😩🙏
Marianne Wilson
Marianne Wilson 3 dagar sedan
This guy may be legit dangerous. In addition to being gross.
Marianne Wilson
Marianne Wilson 3 dagar sedan
I am GEG
Ethan Rentz-Neely
Ethan Rentz-Neely 3 dagar sedan
Karen Gallardo
Karen Gallardo 3 dagar sedan
did anyone notice the ring on his left ring finger
Cupcake Without The Icing
Cupcake Without The Icing 2 dagar sedan
@Karen Gallardo don't apologize! It's no big deal!
Karen Gallardo
Karen Gallardo 2 dagar sedan
sorry i did not know
Cupcake Without The Icing
Cupcake Without The Icing 2 dagar sedan
Yeah but Danny is married so it's not odd
Celia Mick
Celia Mick 3 dagar sedan
3:48 Me who listens to yandere boy audio and that’s their vibe: 👁👄👁
Lady 2000
Lady 2000 4 dagar sedan
And here I am, reading Danny a daddy 😂😂
Lady 2000
Lady 2000 4 dagar sedan
I think they just read to many Wattpad fanfiction...
Lei Cope
Lei Cope 4 dagar sedan
When geg
I11UMIN4T3 BUR5T 4 dagar sedan
Brianna Bowen
Brianna Bowen 4 dagar sedan
These videos are low key cringy though..
Laura 4 dagar sedan
10:11 U don’t want to get the Corona virus is what he is trying to say😭☠️
Hi There
Hi There 4 dagar sedan
Uhhhh danny the sign it says GEG .-.
Pink Plant's
Pink Plant's 4 dagar sedan
This man is scarier than McKaney Mannor
Piss baby
Piss baby 4 dagar sedan
Who else noticed GEG in the back instead of GREG
Anthony Cabalan
Anthony Cabalan 4 dagar sedan
Nice vid Drew
flower Invictus
flower Invictus 5 dagar sedan
3:54 so did anybody here the scratchy noise? Or whatever it was
zixoo 5 dagar sedan
Sky Christensen
Sky Christensen 5 dagar sedan
the fact it says GEG in the background LOL
Marko Vasiljkovic
Marko Vasiljkovic 5 dagar sedan
POV: your parents are talking about disowning you and you are really happy so you join the conversation
Chloe Barker
Chloe Barker 5 dagar sedan
Calling all the killing stalking fans
Mia 5 dagar sedan
Look I honestly have no opinion on these POVs These videos r just funny. I have like a bad feeling that the reason these kids are romanticising this shit is not because they just plucked it out of fucking nowhere. There’s whole genres of media that are centred around these kinds of plots. And these are written, produced/published by grown ass adults, and other adults love them. Now sure you can say that those are aimed at adults and most adults are able to define a clear line between a fictional genre they enjoy and the fact that these things are not acceptable irl, while children/teenagers are more likely to think it’s cool to do this shit irl. But the point is this shit is happening because it’s fucking out there already, it’s nothing new. I feel like ppl are blaming these fucking 15 year old tik tokers for this shit like they just thought of it themselves and popularised it when they clearly didn’t
Wolfie Studio's!
Wolfie Studio's! 4 dagar sedan
Mia Victoria
Mia Victoria 5 dagar sedan
This guy literally makes me wanna shower
j-siah 5 dagar sedan
korosu shinigami death
korosu shinigami death 5 dagar sedan
7:40 Danny:what a badass, he's got a dad People who's dad went to get milk years ago: *sniff* yea...
Mia 5 dagar sedan
7:40 must be nice
_Rot _
_Rot _ 6 dagar sedan
No one: Me: *G E G*
Ranboo_ButNot 6 dagar sedan
Tbh most of the people who do povs are probably straight and on straight TikTok.
Roksforbrains 6 dagar sedan
Voiceofreason95 6 dagar sedan
Why does this guy just look damp? Like he took a shower ten minutes ago but also just applied some chapstick
Azure_Tea 6 dagar sedan
The guy: Serial killer boyfrie- *Oh Sangwoo has entered the chat*
Makenn Gillen
Makenn Gillen 6 dagar sedan
the evolution of boys; indoor boyfriend, best friend's older brother, gang leader's son, serial killer boyfriend, and finally, vampire dad.
EVAN SPARROW 6 dagar sedan
Kurt has a daughter?!
Master Kenobi
Master Kenobi 6 dagar sedan
Why tf2 does this dude look likes he showers in oil, like he must shove frik in bacon in his hair when he sleeps so the grease just absorbs into his face
Alixbelike 5 dagar sedan
Karpeon 6 dagar sedan
legit all gacha stories in a nutshell
Isela Stella
Isela Stella 7 dagar sedan
Anyone remember Cake Boss?
mushmelo roblox
mushmelo roblox 7 dagar sedan
11:50 first of all, that blood looks like, and probably is ketchup. second of all, when he licked his lips i threw up. and third, why tf did he start eating her face??
Alison L
Alison L 7 dagar sedan
Did nobody notice the “G E G” sign? Made me laugh idk
Doodle Hawk
Doodle Hawk 7 dagar sedan
I laughed so hard
Isabel Peterson
Isabel Peterson 7 dagar sedan
Jesus is our savior!
Brooklynne Konruff
Brooklynne Konruff 7 dagar sedan
Geg>>>> Greg
Kiwi 7 dagar sedan
I've not seen any pigs on this video! I want my money back!
Carl Smith
Carl Smith 7 dagar sedan
Your skits are the funniest keep it up
Samuel_Gaming_123 7 dagar sedan
“OMG HOW DID YOU GET IN MY HOUSE” boyfriend: sorry wait a sec I need to activate my auto tune Random girl: oh ok sorry come back in a few minutes boyfriend: ok done “PICK UP THE PHONE BABY” girlfriend: WTH GET OUT OF MY HOUSE HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE?
Pako keitumetse Tawele
Pako keitumetse Tawele 7 dagar sedan
Danny's big mouth saying pick up the phone baby
SkellyyBonez 7 dagar sedan
12:57 danny pog
Clara Nadine
Clara Nadine 7 dagar sedan
Danny's vampire skit was so fricking hilarious oh my gosh 😂
Pashmina Sims
Pashmina Sims 7 dagar sedan
danny wearing that shirt gives me mega dilf energy
sin teya
sin teya 8 dagar sedan
Not danny kissing danny
Mystix Mations
Mystix Mations 8 dagar sedan
Dudes be turning me even more lesbian
Marianne Wilson
Marianne Wilson 3 dagar sedan
Underrated comment
Kirby Clawson-Honeyman
Kirby Clawson-Honeyman 8 dagar sedan
The GEG in the background though.
UwU 8 dagar sedan
I think we need a image of the vampire from the witcher
Jill Ridlehoover
Jill Ridlehoover 8 dagar sedan
so basically all of his pov's are just really short Episode stories
chilli 8 dagar sedan
lmao im dead "serial killer babe"
RED FOXY KATY 8 dagar sedan
Danny, your one of the best you tubers in the whole world! You made me laugh 100 times =D
Pink Plant's
Pink Plant's 8 dagar sedan
Mom I want drama at home Mom: we have drama at home The drama at home:
AlexNohemi Dominguez
AlexNohemi Dominguez 8 dagar sedan
the GEG sign in the background (2:32)
heba ahmed
heba ahmed 8 dagar sedan
danny: *talking abt how its creepy to make these tiktoks when there are little girls watching* the ad: **michael jackson**
ItsBunnz 8 dagar sedan
it so hard watching this video when the greg sign says “geg”
youparejo 8 dagar sedan
Thanks Danny for helping with my constipation. The cringe I got from this video was so strong it gave me diarrhea
Paul Labry
Paul Labry 8 dagar sedan
Other people: watching the video Me: what's *geg* what happened to greg-
Amit E
Amit E 8 dagar sedan
where the hell is the r is the background greg
Daisy Cooper
Daisy Cooper 8 dagar sedan
Dara Sarraf
Dara Sarraf 8 dagar sedan
iexinoir 8 dagar sedan
i would pay money to see the vampire dad sitcom
Juhi Khan
Juhi Khan 8 dagar sedan
I see a hickey
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