How 2 Be Rich

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Danny Gonzalez

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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on SEpost, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

Chachi Ham
Chachi Ham 4 timmar sedan
im a girl.
EngineerGeek 12 timmar sedan
When the cook said 'I'm not getting stiffed twice today' I thought you were making an inuendo haha
Universe 13 timmar sedan
"Bill Gates is married" *Boy, did that not age well*
Katie Oof7800
Katie Oof7800 16 timmar sedan
“If you’re good at doing something, never do it for free” Me: *watches kpop 24/7* ALRIGHT MOMMY GIVE ME MY 1 DOLLAR BILL NOW
AdvN 17 timmar sedan
5:10 did not age well
ima_dinosour123 17 timmar sedan
Danny: "there are no girls watching this right?" me: yes i am real man
Anita Ester Hermundsdottir
Anita Ester Hermundsdottir Dag sedan
Is any one here a white cis straight boy here? Just him?
Bellalucky13 Dag sedan
Don't minded Me the only girl waching this
Rhys Weyrauch
Rhys Weyrauch Dag sedan
yes, bill gates *was* married
Caldella Dag sedan
Okay the post at 2:19 makes me kind of legit angry though, calling Keanu being a loner type as some sort of power, and not just an introspective person who's literally experienced the tragic deaths of multiple people around him. Seems so disrespectful to the things he's gone through.
the real cat noir
the real cat noir Dag sedan
How to be rich: #1:marry someone who’s rich #2: Go to acting school. (Optional) #3:play hitman 1,2 and 3 + tactical assassin. #4: kill the person you married. #5: Act surprised and sad. #6: profit $$$
Monarxsi Ramirez
Monarxsi Ramirez Dag sedan
Dukeduck Dag sedan
Honestly, I thought there were more guys in Danny's community. Hey boys, could y'all like this to let me know you're here? I don't want to feel alone.
jess mi
jess mi Dag sedan
2:56 me when i forget to refill my antidepressants n go without them for a few days
Art Dag sedan
I can confirm that I am not a girl....... mostly
Queen 2 dagar sedan
Not me having a plan Z-
Dakota Corbitt
Dakota Corbitt 2 dagar sedan
Here’s a good add for hello fresh. “Let me tell ya somethin about Hello Fresh the food is hella fresh”
Dizzle 2 dagar sedan
Bill Gates saw all the insta posts and decided to ditch his wife.
Dustmopthepig 2 dagar sedan
“Bill Gates is married” Hoo boy
Sophia Jenkins
Sophia Jenkins 2 dagar sedan
what you saying? me: a girl
Raul Singh
Raul Singh 2 dagar sedan
After watching this I became Elon musk (true story)
Bob Squid
Bob Squid 2 dagar sedan
The number 2 in the title tricked my brain into thinking this was your second channel, unsubscribed for your ignorance
Zer0 Grav1ty
Zer0 Grav1ty 2 dagar sedan
You cant make money and date WOMEN but if i marry my boyfriend then its double the men and neither of us will be distracted by women so we'll make hella money
Neko Animator
Neko Animator 2 dagar sedan
it specifically says you cant date women, right? so we can still date men.
Diana Bernier
Diana Bernier 2 dagar sedan
Don’t pretend your bf’s manager at staples AINT gonna make you act up
krizonaa 3 dagar sedan
i remember commenting on this video a while back "as a female, i can confirm we dont exist" i have now recently transitioned to a male women truly dont exist
Emily R.
Emily R. 3 dagar sedan
5:11 Mmm well not anymoreeeEeEe
William Faix
William Faix 3 dagar sedan
5:11 😬
Random Girl
Random Girl 3 dagar sedan
I, too, can relate to being a man. And being a boy. Or dude. Definitely.
qwafy 3 dagar sedan
sometimes i forget danny is married
Depressed tea /depresso espresso
Depressed tea /depresso espresso 3 dagar sedan
Boss Ass Dude I see what you did there lmao.
1930sOriginalMan 3 dagar sedan
"Bill Gates is married" That aged well
רותם בראל
רותם בראל 3 dagar sedan
GirlGirls do watch this video...
Kat M
Kat M 3 dagar sedan
Why is he actually a good motivational speaker..oh wait I should prob pay him now he can't do it for free
Nichelle Peters
Nichelle Peters 3 dagar sedan
UPDATE: Bill Gates is getting a divorce. 🤷🏽‍♀️
AmberPH 3 dagar sedan
0:16 Well, you see... Your whole fanbase is mostly girls. :/ 1 boy, and that boy is you. Just kidding.
Depressed tea /depresso espresso
Depressed tea /depresso espresso 3 dagar sedan
harem....? 👀
kiwii 3 dagar sedan
greg passed away in the background
moony 4 dagar sedan
That one comment saying "how can u win without playing" lmao
alexstefctn 4 dagar sedan
Bill Gates isn t in a relationship now :'(
Architexy MF
Architexy MF 4 dagar sedan
Bill Gates saw this video
Alex 4 dagar sedan
Here from deelee
Miller :P
Miller :P 4 dagar sedan
Hah pro gamer
Miller :P
Miller :P 4 dagar sedan
Hah I’m a girl jokes on you I live life dangerously
mb connolley
mb connolley 5 dagar sedan
5:10 - "bill gates is married" did not age well
Kiki Blair
Kiki Blair 5 dagar sedan
Should be called "Telling incels that they'll get rich because they can't get laid to make them feel better".
Mason Wells
Mason Wells 5 dagar sedan
So it’s saying to be gay
hornet is void
hornet is void 5 dagar sedan
Or asexual
Mohammed maher but kirbo
Mohammed maher but kirbo 5 dagar sedan
Redstar but also Skye
Redstar but also Skye 5 dagar sedan
there are no girls watching this, there are demifems 😎
Hunter Gallant
Hunter Gallant 5 dagar sedan
5:11 did not age well
Virginia Bolender
Virginia Bolender 6 dagar sedan
" You can't be rich if your dating a women." Then date a man
cute rat
cute rat 6 dagar sedan
all millionaires are gay. being rich is a gay thing
꧁TomE꧂ 5 dagar sedan
@Br Mo hahaha
Br Mo
Br Mo 6 dagar sedan
I can confirm this. being rich made me gay and I took a pay cut and I’m just barely getting Bi.
FunkySlash65 6 dagar sedan
"Bill Gates is married" Damn, I miss Melinda
hornet is void
hornet is void 5 dagar sedan
Did she die?
Liam Yates
Liam Yates 6 dagar sedan
“Bill Gates is married” This didn’t age well
Liam Yates
Liam Yates 3 dagar sedan
@hornet is void They got a divorce
hornet is void
hornet is void 5 dagar sedan
What exactly happened to her?
IHaveToPepe Meme
IHaveToPepe Meme 6 dagar sedan
Can you put more ads on? I wanna support you without losing money. Just time
P M 6 dagar sedan
“In that case, wouldn’t billionaires be single?” *Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates have entered the chat*
P M 6 dagar sedan
I love how they put Keanu Reeves for the quote about “being alone” when in reality he’s happily been in a relationship for like two years lmaooo
Xaalderan 6 dagar sedan
As a woman i can confirm that i am a man
pastel grindy
pastel grindy 6 dagar sedan
they all dated gemini womem
MLprole 6 dagar sedan
Okay, this is coming from someone who has watched and really enjoyed a few of his videos. I came across his content like the other night. This is his second video I've seen of him making fun of rich people. Am I the only one who thinks it's a little ironic considering he has a net worth of about 3.2 million American buckaroos'.
august wren
august wren 6 dagar sedan
“there’s no girls watching this right?” jokes on you danny, i’m non-binary. i have cheated the system 😤
ibukiwearingdemonias 3 dagar sedan
fuck they’re a step above the goverment’s scheme to sell more gendered toilets!!!!
tommyinnit Fann
tommyinnit Fann 7 dagar sedan
Ngl Danny is a B.B.B
Monster Addict
Monster Addict 7 dagar sedan
This video was posted on my birthday :) lol
K Y 7 dagar sedan
You know your boy had to charge the kid😂
Undisputed Penguin
Undisputed Penguin 7 dagar sedan
Mr. Gates is no longer Married
Asper pee
Asper pee 7 dagar sedan
Pov gender euphoria from a joke
꧁ Glitched Dragons ꧂
꧁ Glitched Dragons ꧂ 7 dagar sedan
I’m a female >:)
hornet is void
hornet is void 5 dagar sedan
Guess you are poor
The Savage
The Savage 7 dagar sedan
You cant make money if your dating a women. me: cough cough *gay*
Gilgamesh eater of bugs
Gilgamesh eater of bugs 7 dagar sedan
3:49 should be on r/suddenlygay
Evan Vahey
Evan Vahey 7 dagar sedan
5:11...... Hmmmmmmmm
Role_Dat_Blunt 420Stoner
Role_Dat_Blunt 420Stoner 8 dagar sedan
Danny: Bill Gates is married 7 mouth later Bill Gates gets divorced
gabbie 8 dagar sedan
that bill gates point sure didn’t age well
Kate Payne
Kate Payne 8 dagar sedan
“Bill gates is married” this aged badly
Scott White
Scott White 8 dagar sedan
Bill Gates no! How could you?
Guinny Graves
Guinny Graves 8 dagar sedan
All gay dudes during the first part of the vid: it seems that I have won
Preston Hammond
Preston Hammond 9 dagar sedan
Guys it worked I'm now so floral skeleton god
Is Lando
Is Lando 9 dagar sedan
"Bill Gates is married" Wow wasn't expecting this today
Kyle Hawkins
Kyle Hawkins 9 dagar sedan
Dude here :Greg go away dude
Prrr 9 dagar sedan
imagine being girl ctrl+w
Sage Jennings
Sage Jennings 10 dagar sedan
It didn't work because you didn't leave your wife
Sage Jennings
Sage Jennings 10 dagar sedan
"We're all dudes here. There's no girls here watching, right?" Haha. Joke's on you; I'm non binary. I *snuck past the radar*.
Aiden O
Aiden O 10 dagar sedan
I like how Danny didn’t realize that the if you’re good at something never do it for free quote was from the joker
Sketchy Tophat
Sketchy Tophat 10 dagar sedan
The quote on winning games the comment says how do you win without playing
Kayden Tuna
Kayden Tuna 10 dagar sedan
Piercodio 10 dagar sedan
“If you are good at doing something, never do it for free” it’s an actual Joker quote tho😂
-Koro- 10 dagar sedan
Him: Everyone with a girlfriend is homeless and has no job. My girlfriend who has to live with her grandma since she and her mum got kicked out of their house by their trash landlord: Oop he mentioned me
Izzy Ducheny
Izzy Ducheny 10 dagar sedan
0:57 sorry Danny ima girl...
Gurses Syuleman
Gurses Syuleman 10 dagar sedan
No! Im greg!
mega 11 dagar sedan
“Your good at this game” *thatll be $200*
soph 11 dagar sedan
as not a dude, i can confirm that i am NOT truly greg because i don’t watch this channel
-spritee bear-
-spritee bear- 11 dagar sedan
“There’s no girls watching this, right?” *im a ghost, now you see me now you don’t.*
Cheryl Ladd
Cheryl Ladd 11 dagar sedan
these accounts are the reason I hate some men you are nice tho
FBI Official
FBI Official 11 dagar sedan
Not for girls
strawbunny_qt 11 dagar sedan
Danny: “There’s no girls watching this right?” Me: *Laughs in non-binary*
Princess Mailey
Princess Mailey 12 dagar sedan
"Theres no girls here right?" "You can't be a millionare and date a woman" Me, whos genderfluid and dating a boy: oh yeah
Princess Mailey
Princess Mailey 12 dagar sedan
"Theres no girls here watching this, right?" Me, who's genderfluid: im in
Mackenzie Johnson
Mackenzie Johnson 12 dagar sedan
Anyone notice the comment on the “Listen B*tch!” post? Someone put “how do u win without playing?” And the user just ignored that question😂
Xavier Bjork-Nelson
Xavier Bjork-Nelson 12 dagar sedan
HE TRYNA BE CRATE (if u know you know)
Tryrex Man
Tryrex Man 12 dagar sedan
>not calling it "How 2 Be Wealthy" after posting "How 2 Be Healthy"
Iamhereblossom 12 dagar sedan
7:46 Gilbert Gottfried walked in the room.
Bingus Bingus
Bingus Bingus 13 dagar sedan
hornet is void
hornet is void 12 dagar sedan
Donut 12 dagar sedan
I find it so wholesome how such a little thing can make someone happy. Makes me wanna be happier from the little things
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