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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on SEpost, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

NotOnLand Timme sedan
10:20 you can't convince me Little Pump isn't greenscreened into that shot. His lighting and outline are so not matching the rest of them
ur mom
ur mom 8 timmar sedan
hit the subscribe button if you know you lit
anyone who cares
anyone who cares 2 dagar sedan
why are they mumbling like the entire song and also why do they have to reassure each other every two seconds they're like " ayo Im about to go in" and then two seconds later they say the exact same thing as if they arent sure that they are actually gonna do this song it just makes no sense.
Bella Swanson
Bella Swanson 3 dagar sedan
The people that listen to rap music are scared for gen z rap music.
Maya 3 dagar sedan
OH SHIT i used to watch them when i was like 9 and i memorized the whole og song and i feel embarrassed...... part of my life wasted
Adelyn David
Adelyn David 3 dagar sedan
Why does it look like GTA V when Lil Pump joins..? It looks like rEaLlY animated
KadenArtz 3 dagar sedan
Why they rapping like “hit it if you don’t care 😐”
spoike dainja leslay
spoike dainja leslay 3 dagar sedan
He's bragging about being able to pay back his college debt
spoike dainja leslay
spoike dainja leslay 3 dagar sedan
You can tell it's not 6ix9ine because he finishes his sentences
spoike dainja leslay
spoike dainja leslay 3 dagar sedan
I honestly would be scared of hitting it in the girl way
Anthony Velasco
Anthony Velasco 3 dagar sedan
They're dead inside
honeyvoicehwang 3 dagar sedan
okay so if these are the brothers im thinking of that were? are? friends with james charles and were accused of being involved with kids before james charles' blew up, then danny's comment about the child wearing a crop top aged so poorly oh my fucking g-d
Zebra 4 dagar sedan
I can't explain it, but I think this is how white bread would sound if it could speak
シSpaden 4 dagar sedan
I had to click because I know I’m lit
Isabelle Schleicher
Isabelle Schleicher 4 dagar sedan
Like I can't I just can't they just sound soooo booored
Kaira Campbell
Kaira Campbell 4 dagar sedan
"220 on the dash" *proceeds to show a clip of them going 30 miles an hour*
TexasPoonTappa SS
TexasPoonTappa SS 4 dagar sedan
I genuinely thought Lil Pumps “Lil beard” was a mask pulled down over his chin lmao
Corinne Givens
Corinne Givens 5 dagar sedan
I'm pretty sure teacher's don't tell you you're not gonna make it. I mean they are teacher's🤔They teach you so you can make it ugh nevermind F**K IT
Frogdog 5 dagar sedan
Imposter six nine kinda sus tho
Br Mo
Br Mo 6 dagar sedan
Bruh he was outta breath singing. *wheeze* BACHLORDEREE *wheeze* MAST DGREE
Shaxxmeer 6 dagar sedan
GUYS I DID IT I DECODED A LINE OF THE SONG "1(st kid) 2(nd kid) 3(rd kid) then I'm 4(th kid)"
Makenzie Myers
Makenzie Myers 6 dagar sedan
Fun fact the Dobre brothers went to my old middle school, they made a video like last year coming to the school “giving” their old teacher a Lamborghini
JJ Spade
JJ Spade 6 dagar sedan
Danny: I'm sorry for being a little tardy to the party Me: tbh he's making better music then them
Sycrynn 6 dagar sedan
Gemma Sutton
Gemma Sutton 7 dagar sedan
Who else LOVES his outro? It's catchy and really funny. why lol 😂😂
Zune_Zune_Zune 2
Zune_Zune_Zune 2 7 dagar sedan
Eminem’s been real quiet since this dropped
Noriaki Kakyoin
Noriaki Kakyoin 8 dagar sedan
The Dobre brothers are proof that a college degree doesn’t make you smart.
HAPIIIe memes
HAPIIIe memes 8 dagar sedan
Notification on, I am truly Greg :)
happytabby 8 dagar sedan
"Started from the grocery store, now I own a grocery store" If you didn't catch that, he rhymed 'grocery store' with 'grocery store.' Astounding, truly. A musical genius.
Devers 8 dagar sedan
Best outro song in the game.
Pwquattro 9 dagar sedan
bro a thursorus wrote this rhymed grocery store with grocery store
Sonny Tello
Sonny Tello 9 dagar sedan
im cringe at the music vid
Jay creations
Jay creations 9 dagar sedan
walkingexistentaldread 9 dagar sedan
the dobre brothers are who the quote “if they were a spice, they’d be flour” was made for
Gaming Smasher
Gaming Smasher 9 dagar sedan
Now kids dont look at those men ok Lucas and Marcus: Hit it hit it hit it hit it grocery store rhymes with grocery store
Galahad 10 dagar sedan
Fr what the hell is this : D
AMBER AMEY 10 dagar sedan
They have a masters???
Samruddhi Shirsat
Samruddhi Shirsat 10 dagar sedan
Yo u know what u need to see their video of explanation the meaning of the whole song lyric by lyric............ There is a limit of illiteracy ....which u dont have and that u are showing in the vid... after making this kind of vid u show u dont make ur vid for ur fans u just make it for money
Michael Pepin
Michael Pepin 11 dagar sedan
So 1.2k views came from dobre fans lol
Mike Heininger
Mike Heininger 11 dagar sedan
6:50 SUS????!!!!
The Table Of Legend
The Table Of Legend 11 dagar sedan
“7 pranks a minute” I think you mean less than 5 pranks an hour but alright
Expensive Taste
Expensive Taste 12 dagar sedan
It sounds low to no effort
Scxtch 13 dagar sedan
They sound like fking robots lol
BrandedCookie 13 dagar sedan
Danny: "They also actually got lil pump in this one, its not just some guy dressed like him which was definitely a surprise to me, I really thought it would just be an imposter again" omg he said amogus sus imposter
noora nizar
noora nizar 13 dagar sedan
Y tho..y did they made this and y is ppl making them famous
Ben Adams
Ben Adams 14 dagar sedan
6:50 sus
The tax people
The tax people 14 dagar sedan
Pause 12:12 dat scene just doesn’t look right
Alexa productions
Alexa productions 14 dagar sedan
“Where were you?” Me: “In the womb”
Honey Honey
Honey Honey 14 dagar sedan
I don’t know why the keep remaking it! it keeps getting worse when the first one is already bad
🤪🥺 Miranda😚😘
🤪🥺 Miranda😚😘 16 dagar sedan
Night Danny boy
Tyler Reid
Tyler Reid 16 dagar sedan
im done after the first line they said im sorry lmao
Treestain 17 dagar sedan
5:27 that was the best bar of the whole video
Craig K
Craig K 17 dagar sedan
Lol. Danny just exposed himself as not being a car guy by thinking he said “loss control” instead of “launch control”
King Street
King Street 17 dagar sedan
il reword that hit it if you know you shit yea we know we shit
TIMID 17 dagar sedan
I’m literally cringing irl
Saras_lietuva 18 dagar sedan
Bruh i was ab to fall asleep n i got jumpscared at 6:14
weird flamingo
weird flamingo 18 dagar sedan
This song(s) sounds like it was recorded in a cardboard box with a potato.
Seth Brew
Seth Brew 20 dagar sedan
I didn't know I was lit😔
Arnatri Bandopadhyay
Arnatri Bandopadhyay 20 dagar sedan
The Dobre brothers also look like they are also held there against their will.
Stevon Dey
Stevon Dey 21 dag sedan
The Dobre Brothers are cap
Amy Webb-Prosser
Amy Webb-Prosser 21 dag sedan
What the fun 🤩 you are going through your own life with you you are always so good 😊
Gods Hand
Gods Hand 21 dag sedan
I swear he's saying bachlors degree
akudo 22 dagar sedan
*100 pranks a day* “that’s like 7 pranks a minute” danny obviously didn’t get a bachelors degree or master’s
kat!! 22 dagar sedan
this is my new catchphrase
Optify 23 dagar sedan
they made the same song 3 times for 3 years and still havent made it decent
Your Local Lesbian
Your Local Lesbian 24 dagar sedan
i feel like the dobre brothers are like plain yogurt like they are ok but it's just plain yogurt no flavor nothing special
sheida hosseini
sheida hosseini 24 dagar sedan
It's so sad when you say "but you can't stay on this screen forever"
Miko Keränen
Miko Keränen 24 dagar sedan
7:32 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
fusakei 25 dagar sedan
This is weirdly lil pumps best verse he’s ever done
alexnotfound :3
alexnotfound :3 25 dagar sedan
i came back to laugh at this and forgot that i live in the same area as them. they go into my dads work all the time and theyre so rude to everyone. i also met cyrus, he was rude asf
OnCreativeMode 8 dagar sedan
does that mean you've seen them carry their parents around and play slime
GoldenCheese 25 dagar sedan
Caleb Price
Caleb Price 25 dagar sedan
Rappers mf doom was scared to diss
wyatt Frei
wyatt Frei 25 dagar sedan
Lily Sellers
Lily Sellers 25 dagar sedan
Mom: “we have tiny meat gang at home” The tiny meat gang at home:
READ ABOUT PAGE 26 dagar sedan
1 year
Bismu115 26 dagar sedan
Tomorrow this video will be a year old... wow. Time fly’s I guess
Missy LeStrange
Missy LeStrange 27 dagar sedan
Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the pic of Danny drinking milk in the background
wyatt Frei
wyatt Frei 25 dagar sedan
Missy LeStrange
Missy LeStrange 27 dagar sedan
Nvm that’s not milk
CHAVEZE MUIR 27 dagar sedan
Hazel Ann
Hazel Ann 28 dagar sedan
No I think he really is edited in
Glitch72 28 dagar sedan
Sober Brothers:we about to rap Eminem:Fill em with the venom and eliminate them other words I minister made them
a g
a g 29 dagar sedan
this sounds like if xxxtenacion was on meth
YesItsMe Again
YesItsMe Again 29 dagar sedan
This video was a year ago.. time flies
Colton New
Colton New Månad sedan
When Danny was not doing a face cam him dancing
Trisha Paytas Perverted 5.0
Trisha Paytas Perverted 5.0 Månad sedan
I think that is actually 6ix9ine tho
AestheticEmo Månad sedan
DANNY: "ok there's a elephant in the room ME: "Omg He Knows me!!!!!
mika Månad sedan
they sound dead inside
StoicKobra Månad sedan
boring man children
josiah huckabee
josiah huckabee Månad sedan
We really about to WwaP
Takimeko and his Random Channal
Takimeko and his Random Channal Månad sedan
Danny referencing Beyblade is a sure sign that he is indeed lit.
Khanya Mdebuka
Khanya Mdebuka Månad sedan
The people who subscribed to his Chanel you have time to waste your time because he is a hater
Alan The Alligator
Alan The Alligator Månad sedan
damn chill out craig
thot police pls hire me
thot police pls hire me Månad sedan
bruh are you 7? its their fault they cant make a new song. its not hating, its commentary. dont click on the video if you cant handle facts
Khanya Mdebuka
Khanya Mdebuka Månad sedan
Use your head there is a reason you have a brain.
Khanya Mdebuka
Khanya Mdebuka Månad sedan
And they did that song before they even made that video about caty Co or what ever
Khanya Mdebuka
Khanya Mdebuka Månad sedan
Khanya Mdebuka
Khanya Mdebuka Månad sedan
Stop being a hater!!!
thot police pls hire me
thot police pls hire me Månad sedan
its not hating its dannys literal job to comment on videos
Khanya Mdebuka
Khanya Mdebuka Månad sedan
People love the song so stop making fun of it!!!!!!!!
Khanya Mdebuka
Khanya Mdebuka Månad sedan
You need to be confronted because you can't say peoples songs are boring or old and don't be jealous that you are not like them and they are just achieving their dreams.
SCARYCLOWN_24 Månad sedan
4:38 1 2 3 i’m 4
MR. GAMER Månad sedan
its was launch control not lost control
Eric Swenson
Eric Swenson Månad sedan
I can’t believe I’m about to defend this, but he says “launch control, whiplash”, which actually make sense somehow.
DareYa Månad sedan
I’m triggered at the beginning of every video because my brother’s name is Greg! 😒😑
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